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Status of Northern Career Quest Funding

Northern Career Quest has been granted a one year contract from the Government of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training in November 2021 to work with industry partners in order to assist Northern Aboriginal Individuals residing in Northern Saskatchewan. NCQ’s Northern Region is PAGC, MLTC and Metis residing within that region. Funding will take place from November 2021 through to October 2022. Proposals will be ongoing, please contact our staff in order to receive the proposal process.


The Mandate of the project is to provide training leading directly to long term full time employment, for Aboriginal people living in Northern Saskatchewan NCQ’s impact area, “the North” for NCQ’s purposes is PAGC, MLTC and Metis people residing in that general area. We attempt to get equitable geographic distribution of funds (West Side, East Side, Athabasca Basin area, Central and ‘South’) where ever possible. Dependent on Industry Commitment however.